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Glass Balustrades

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Glass Balustrades


Specialising in commercial installations for builders, up-market units, Residential high rise buildings, Commercial High rise, Penthouse Installations, Offices and Display Rooms.

Also for your replacement glass balustrades in your current home. Frameless Glass Balustrades are ideal for older balconies and verandahs, for pergola surrounds and anywhere you are looking for a beautiful, transparent, wind break and safe barrier.

Glass Balustrade Features

  • We use the finest 12mm toughened glass panels.
  • You may choose either Satin Surface 2205 or duplex stainless steel clamps.
  • Choice your handrails – Slimline, Round or Square finish.

Project managers, Builders, Architects, Designers and Home Owners.

Glass Balustrades and Glass Screening give great flexibility and allow you to enhance the style and appeal of properties for We use glazing channels and standoff fittings for our frameless balustrades: contemporary and durable with seamless and attractive glass balustrade styles.  Most of our systems are installed easily using advanced modular techniques.

Frameless Glass Balustrades

  • The ultimate frameless glass balustrade for a spectacular clear view,
  • Range of panel sizes can be employed to ensure a perfect fit,
  • Using 12mm toughened glass meeting Australian and South Australian Standards,
  • Handrail & supports available in a range of styles,
  • Capping handrail with oblong, round and oval fittings,
  • Premium posts and spigots with a variety of possible fixing techniques (drilled and deck mounting) available.

Call 0497 830489 – We Can usually install within a few days!. 10 Year guarantee on installation